Ready, Set, Winter!

I saw a meme that poked fun at the changing seasons in Arizona, it asked the question, how can you tell it’s fall in Arizona?  The changing of the license plate colors; of course that has to do with the influx of snowbirds to the area, but September in Arizona doesn’t feel that much different than summer.

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If you’re lucky enough to be a Phoenix homeowner, you don’t have to deal with the frigid temperatures, ice, and snow that plague more northerly areas during the winter. It’s hard to remember that fall is the time we want to get some things buttoned up for winter. Whether you take on the tasks yourself or hire someone, you’ll save money in the long run by taking care of your home’s needs before they become actual problems.

From your HVAC system to your fireplace to your swimming pool, there are steps that you can take to make the transition to winter as smooth and easy as can be. Read on to learn a few ways to prep your home for the winter.

1) During the summer, Phoenix residents’ air conditioning systems get major workouts. On chilly winter mornings, you’ll want your heat to work properly too. Give your furnace a clean filter and a tune-up from a professional. This will ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently before you start demanding the most from it.

2) If you’re lucky enough to own a swimming pool, you probably get plenty of use out of it during the summer. If it’s heated, you will probably keep it open all winter too. Either way now is the perfect time to brush up on some winter pool maintenance tips.  By cutting back on the chlorine, watching the pH levels and keeping it clean you will be all set for summer.

3) Clean and inspect your gutters and downspouts to prevent back up and damage to your roof when (and if) the temps drop below freezing.

4) Examine doors and windows around your home for signs of air leakage. If necessary, apply new weather-stripping or take other steps to minimize air leakage.  Seal gaps and cracks around doors and windows with weather stripping or caulk.

5) On a chilly winter evening in Phoenix, there’s nothing like curling up in front of a blazing fire. Have your fireplace inspected for soot or creosote build-up? Fires are easily avoided when chimneys are kept clean of build-up and animal nests that may have been built by birds or squirrels during the warmer months.

6) The changing of the seasons is a good time to check the batteries in your smoke and CO monitors and inspect (or install) fire extinguishers in the kitchen and laundry areas.

These simple tasks will help ensure your home is free of any potential pitfalls for the cooling temperatures.

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