Opening a Store Credit Card after Closing on Your New Home

You just closed on your first home. Congratulations! The excitement is unmistakable, and now you get to direct your attention to all the great stuff you need to fill this brand new home of yours.  You feel like now is the time to sit back, put your feet up and stop worrying about your credit score, right? But, how important is it to maintain a high credit score now that have your dream home?

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It seems like now that your home purchase is complete, retailers have a sixth sense and offers for zero percent financing on everything from appliances to home decor.  This might trigger your deal finder meter and you think how these credit offers are such a blessing.  I mean, after all, you need to purchase these items anyone, well think again.  The high percentage rates will come back to haunt you.

As it turns out retailers don’t have a sixth sense, but we probably already knew that.  Thanks to public records and credit databases, everyone now knows you just bought a home and that is why you are receiving all of these supposed great deals on store credit.

Keeping a high credit score after the purchase of your new home is important because you’ll still need good credit in the future.  Although your home purchase was probably one of your largest purchases, you will probably need a car upgrade at some point or you may want to refinance or even buy a bigger house at some point.

Maintaining a high credit score doesn’t have to be a chore.  You can maintain a high score by sticking to a few good habits. In order to keep that score high, keep your credit card balances low and make your payments on time.

It’s also important to routinely check your score and credit reports. Credit report mistakes are more common than you think, and an error or identity mix-up can cost you dearly.

Moral of the story: If you’re considering opening up a new credit card after closing, please make sure to ask an expert, so you can understand all potential ramifications.

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