Is Now the Time to Buy?

Couple shaking hands with their realtor as they buy their first home.Ask any real estate agent and they might tell you that the proverbial “now” is always the right time to buy.

They might be right and not just trying to sell you a home for their own personal income they receive on the sale of a home.

There are facts to prove that now, really is a good time to buy.

Here’s a list of five reasons today is a good time to purchase a home:

  1. Interest rates are at rock bottom.

Mortgage rates are low but are expected to rise in 2018.  Ask yourself if making a move now or chancing a rise in interest rates in the future.

In addition, homeowners with high-interest rates who plan to stay in their homes for five years or longer should consider refinancing.

  1. Financing is readily available.

Banks are back in the game and ready to lend to well-qualified buyers.

  1. Fuel costs are down.

And what does the cost of fuel have to do with homeownership or mortgages?  Simply put, lower energy costs means more fluid cash available for higher mortgage payments.

  1. Competition is getting fierce

Avoid bidding wars.  The housing market is growing more competitive every day.  There is a low inventory of homes available, which makes the competition fierce.


  1. Home prices are on the rise.

As of June 2017, home prices have been rising every month, so homes are literally getting more expensive every day.

The combination of rising interest rates coupled with rising home prices means higher-priced homes in the future.

So, now really might be a good time to buy.  If you are considering a home purchase, now might be the time to make your move.

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