New Year, New You

Happy New Year…I typically do not make New Year’s resolutions, but many American’s do.  If you resolved to buy a new home in 2018, there are plenty of other preparations that would-be homebuyers can make to put homeownership within reach for the New Year.

If your resolution was to purchase a home there is more than one area you can focus on to keep your eye on the prize.

Down Payment Savings

Start saving if you haven’t already.  You might not need to drive yourself crazy thinking you won’t be able to purchase a home without putting 20 percent down, but you do need to continue to save.

Keeping you on your commitment to fulfilling your resolution, you might consider setting up an automated bank transfer so a designated portion of your earnings automatically goes into a separate savings account dedicated towards your house.

Want to encourage yourself?  Consider naming your savings account with some words of encouragement.  Names like, “My Future Home” or “Making My Home Ownership Dreams Happen.”

Saving money does not have to feel like a bad thing.

Credit Cleanse

Your personal credit cleanse can also be maned, “New Year, New You.”  If every time you see or hear those words for the first month or two of the new year, you are receiving a subliminal reminder that you are working towards your own personal homebuying journey.

Your credit cleanse includes a few must do’s in order to take you on a strong financial pathway.  Making commitments to; keep up on credit card payments or better yet, commit to paying them off, or commit to paying your bills on time and commit the time to review your credit report and fix any possible errors.


Do a large scope analyzation on your budget so you have an idea of what comes in and what goes out and how much you’ll be able to save each month.

Don’t forget to factor in all of the homebuying expenses when you start to save.  Things like moving expenses, buying new furniture if needed, paying for any repairs the new home might need after the home inspection is completed.

Committing to a New Year’s resolution is easy to give up on if you’re not held accountable.  If you need an accountability partner, ask a friend to help keep you on track.  If you find yourself veering off track, just keep trying.  Remind yourself how much you want your new home.

We would be happy to be a part of your new goal, call us today for any questions or concerns you have.

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