Know Who Is At Your Door with a Smart Doorbell

The holidays are upon us and that means more packages arriving at your front doorstep.  In 2017, it was reported that 74 percent of packages were stolen from the front porch during the day while the homeowner was at work.

Technology advances can improve the security of your home.  Adding a smart doorbell is not only convenient, but a simple and affordable measure that can add a range of security benefits, both when you’re home and out.

Many smart doorbells offer a high-definition 1080p camera, a buzzer, and two-way audio and the great thing is these features connect right to your smartphone or another smart device via the smart app.

Security experts say that the device’s built-in camera can be as effective as a surveillance system at driving away would-be burglars.

Here are seven ways it can make a difference:

  1. They are an excellent visual deterrent.

When a would-be thief approaches your door and sees that you have a doorbell camera installed, they’re going to think twice about attempting a break-in. If a burglar sees that your house is equipped with this type of safety measure, it’s more than likely they will pass your house over to look for an easier target.

  1. Smart doorbells can provide valuable video footage.

Should the worst happen and your house gets broken into, you can use the video footage from your doorbell camera to provide valuable evidence for the police. In addition, this video footage could also help you get the payout you deserve when filing an insurance claim.

  1. Added personal safety.

A smart doorbell lets you view who is at (or approaching) the door from wherever you are so you have plenty of time to assess whether it is safe to open the door.

In addition, many smart doorbells offer clear views through night vision technologies.  If someone comes to the door at night, which gives you a huge advantage because at night it is much more difficult to get a clear view of who is at your door.  Video doorbells offer night vision technology so you can view the images in plain view before you open the door.

  1. Receiving deliveries.

Ever had a situation where you were expecting a package that never arrived, but the delivery service claimed you weren’t home when they showed up? Having a doorbell camera can settle any disputes regarding when the delivery person actually came to the door. A doorbell camera can also come in handy for packages that are left at your door; for example, if your camera features remote monitoring capabilities you can periodically check the live video feed from your smartphone or other mobile devices to confirm the arrival of the package. That way, you can get home as soon as possible to bring the package inside the house, safely out of the view of would-be thieves.

  1. The ability to speak to visitors without having to open the door.

Depending on the smart doorbell you purchase, some have 2-way intercoms that offer some hidden advantages, one being the ability to talk to a visitor who rings your bell, no one would even know if you are home or not, adding an extra layer of safety.

  1. It can add value to your home.

Recent real estate research has shown that buyers are increasingly looking for homes that feature various smart securities and home monitoring technologies. By installing a doorbell camera, you are not only improving the safety of your residence, but you’re adding a feature to your home that will boost its appeal to potential buyers.

  1. You could actually save money.

Insurers are increasingly offering discounts to homeowners who install smart home security devices. According to a 2015 study published by Accenture, four in 10 home insurance providers have launched partnerships with manufacturers who produce various security-related smart home technologies.

As you can see, a doorbell camera is an excellent and powerful tool to integrate into your home security setup. In light of the benefits mentioned above, it’s easy to see why installing this smart home device is a smart move all the way around.



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