Family Wealth Building and Goal Setting Ideas for 2018

Are you setting financial goals for the future?  Are you building a wealth system that will include college savings account’s for your children or contributing to a 401K?

Most Americans will be happy to share that their personal financial goals are to be able to provide for their families as much as they can, or build enough savings that they can live out their retirement years comfortably.

When you are trying to build or strengthen your family’s wealth, you can set your goals big or small.  The true secret to success is to hold yourself, and anyone else who is helping in agreement to work in tandem to reach the financial goals you have created.

Think of your financial goals, like the goals you set at the gym.  It’s always nice to have a partner to encourage you to not only push yourself, but they are also accountability partners.


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Complete Your Family Will

It’s always best to be prepared. If this is not your area of expertise, there are a number of online programs that can assist you with simple, quick and easy wills that can be completed over a weekend’s time.  However, if you have complicated situations like out-of-state properties, divorce, business ownership, etc. it’s best to work with a lawyer.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Find out what your mortgage interest rate is currently.  If your current interest rate is above 4.5% and today’s interest is below 3.5%, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars per month on interest.

Eliminate Your Debt with the Highest Interest Rate

Take it one step at a time.  Start by looking for the highest balance you owe on a loan, one with the highest interest rate and start by paying towards that one, and then move to the next and the next.

Develop a Chore and Reward System for Your Kids

One of the biggest life lessons you can teach your children is how to save money.  It’s not something that is taught in schools, yet one of the most important things you need to know once you’re out on your own.

For younger children develop a chore and reward system.  As your children age, they will have learned a very important lesson on how to save money.

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