Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

When temperatures range from 110-116 degrees, keeping your home cool while trying not to break the bank seems like a futile battle.  Keeping your home cool during the warm months can take a big toll on your finances. Cooling costs can account for more than half of your power bill. Many new homeowners and house hunters forget to factor this into their yearly expenses. 

Here are a few simple tips to help reduce your cooling costs this summer.

Use Fans Whenever Possible

Use ceiling fans or other fans to circulate air in the house as much as possible.  Using portable or ceiling fans can make a huge difference in keeping your house cool. They also require less energy and electricity than an air conditioning unit. Be sure to shut them off when no one is in the room.

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Keep the Shades Closed During the Day

Shutting your blinds during the day is another easy way you can keep your house cooler without overworking the AC system. Warm sunlight will quickly heat up your house, especially if you have more windows. Closed blinds will keep out sunlight and insulate your windows retaining cold air inside your home. Some energy studies have shown keeping the shades closed can reduce heat inside your home by over 30 percent!

Adjust Your Thermostat

Set the thermostat to a comfortable level, and leave it there.  Some homeowners believe that by turning the AC off when you not at home can save energy costs, but it can actually make things worse.

One study found each degree a thermostat is set above 75 degrees could save 10 to 15 percent in energy. Experts recommend setting the temperature around 78 degrees on hot days and 82 to 85 degrees when you’re outside your home. Your AC runs most efficiently at these temperatures for long periods of time.

Consider LED Light Bulbs

It may sound insignificant, but the heat generated by incandescent light bulbs can make a difference when it gets this hot.  Consider LED light bulbs – they generate virtually no heat and are much more energy efficient in general.

In general, regular maintenance of your HVAC system will ensure maximum airflow and maintain efficiency.  The dirtier the filters get, the harder the AC unit has to work to get the home cool, thus costing you more money to run your unit.

Homeowners spend $11 billion every year to power their air conditioners. These tips can add up and help you save on your electric bill and if you’re saving for a new home this added savings can be put away for your new down payment.

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