Thrifty Habits

There’s a little-known secret that the more money you save, the more addictive saving money becomes.  Being thrifty means something different to each individual, but there are tips that if applied can help save money.

I grew up relatively poor; cutting coupons, eating at home and shopping at thrifts stores was a regular occurrence, but to some, this seems like a hardship.  To me, it’s just normal, even when I had plenty of money; they were just habits that never went away.

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If you find yourself examining how to make a shift in your life and save extra money try some of these basic savings tips.

Cut the Cord On Cable

“Free” tv has greatly progressed allowing you to watch 40+ channels with an antenna. Most tv shows are also available online, plus Netflix has a great selection of movies, past seasons of tv and cable shows and original programming for only $12/month. Eliminate your cable bill and you will save $700-2400 per year!

Make Your Own Coffee

Brew your own coffee at home every morning and take a “to-go” cup with you when you have morning meetings or appointments.  Sounds so basic, but coffee really is a money drain.

If you are a coffee addict and buy one $4 coffee per day, 4 days a week, not including tax, you are spending $832/year on coffee. I think this is a very conservative estimate, in using only one $4 drink, four days a week.

Eat at Home

And after a long day, it is always tempting to go out to eat or to grab some carry out, instead of going home and cooking and who wants to take the time to pack a lunch.  Maybe if you calculate how much you are spending on dining out it will encourage you to change your habits.

Even the most budget-conscious will spend $4-6 for lunch. That means that by simply eliminating buying two lunches per week, you will save a minimum of $416/year ($4 x 2 times per week x 52 weeks). If you usually spend closer to the national average of $8/lunch, bringing your lunch from home twice per week will save you $832/year.

These are several basic cost-saving tips that could potentially help you save $5,000/year or more which could add up to the closing costs on a new home or your next remodel.

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