Family Wealth Building and Goal Setting Ideas for 2018

If you ask anyone what their personal or professional goals are, the majority of people will include financial freedom or abundance in their answers.

For many, financial freedom includes buying a home or paying off the mortgage of the home they currently own.

If you are looking for ways to build or strengthen your family’s wealth in 2018, try following some of these ideas.  You can set your goals big or small.  The true secret to success is to hold yourself and others who are in agreement to the goals accountable.

Agree To Live on a Budget for Three Months

If you don’t currently budget your personal finances, start!  There are free online programs or mobile apps that will assist in your efforts, and we warn you to be prepared for growing pains, but if you budget for three months straight your finances will get better.

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Complete Your Family Will

It’s always best to be prepared.  There are a number of online programs that can assist you with simple, quick and easy wills that can be completed over a weekend’s time.  However, if you have a complicated situation (business ownership, out-of-state properties, divorce, etc.), be sure to work with a lawyer you can trust.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Find out what your mortgage interest rate is currently.  You could end up saving hundreds of dollars per month on interest.  Call us today to find out how we can help.

Eliminate Your Debt with the Highest Interest Rate

We all have to start somewhere, so, look at all of your debts this week. Find the total balance and the interest rate that you’re paying. Select the one with the highest interest rate and crush it!

Develop a Chore and Reward System for Your Kids

Helping your kids learn the value of hard work and rewarding them for it will help you develop a legacy of winners in your family tree.

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