How Emotion and Logic Influence our Home Buying

The internal struggle between emotion and logic is common with home buyers. Everyone wants to buy a home that they love AND that has great features for resale. The challenge for home buyers is to find that perfect balance between what’s practical and what’s charming.

People make decisions on both sides of their brains to buy a house — the logical and emotional sides, the emotional is hard to quantify. We feel it, but we don’t know how to describe it.  To some, it’s a “gut feeling”.  It serves as a navigating source.

When people tour homes they really like, something happens to them.  Every good real estate agent will tell you, their goal is to have their client envision themselves living in the home, and moving their furniture in.

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Emotions trigger future thoughts and hopes and people start looking into the future, visualizing their children’s stockings hanging on the fireplace mantel.

On the other spectrum, there is the logical buyer.  Logical home buyers are usually looking for the best deal based off of the data. They don’t care as much about the layout, color of the walls or flooring type, as much as they care about the price per square foot. Their biggest fear is that they will choose the wrong house and lose money when they sell it one day.

Logic, or knowledge, driven home buyers are driven by data.  They want to know what recent homes in the area sold for, what the current owners bought the home for, what money has been put into the home since they bought it, and how much the home is expected to appreciate in comparison to other homes.

When buying a home both emotions and logic are necessary.  When considering a home, remember to be intentional about valuing both the data and the emotion of the property.  Both sides are equally valuable, asking yourself questions like how the home will feel to live in is just as important as knowing if you will be able to sell if you need to.

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